quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2016

“Where Were You In ’62?”

Original released on LP MCA MCA2-8001
(US, 1973)

The soundtrack to the George Lucas film about teenage life in a small California town in the early '60s was probably the best thing about the movie, featuring several dozen outstanding early rock & roll hits. There's nothing terribly obscure here - in fact, most of these were big smashes - but it's a good survey of rock's early days, ranging from superstars like Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and the Beach Boys to great one-shots like the Monotones, the Tempos, and Buster Brown. Drawbacks: Wolfman Jack talks over the intros of a few songs, and there are a couple tracks by early-'70s Sha Na Na-type revivalists Flash Cadillac. (Richie Unterberger in AllMusic)

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Jan V disse...

Thank you Rato for this music collection.

Jan V

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