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Original released on LP Deram SML 1015
(UK 1967, October 27)

Primarily remembered for their stage splintering version of “Going Home” preformed at Woodstock, and often lumped in with the likes of the Yardbirds, Ten Years After lived in world all their own, with this, their self titled album “Ten Years After” hitting the shelves in 1967, being their least known, though probably their best and most consistent adventure into the British blues/rock genre. With an album cover that embraced the psychedelic illusions of the day, their music was anything but. Ten Years After was tight and smoothly frenetic, they’d taken the best values of American blues and reinvented them with a solid sonic pallet of rock n’ roll that often encompassed a swinging jazz feel; and actually seeming like they were having fun. 

Their songs sounded like they were relaying a truth, as if they were preaching from on high, with no need to convert the smiling upturned faces. This wasn’t the thematic music the band became known for this album had substance, body and soul ... building and ebbing like a tidal tide at the beach. Often the songs were slow, as if existing for a purpose, and when you hear “Spoonful,” you’ll know exactly what I mean. One of my all-time favorite band's 1st long play. For sure bluesy as hell with some psych moves and a little hard rock. Outstanding musicians at every position and as a unit they gel. The lead guitar player is exceptional and the dude on bass ain't no slouch. (in RateYourMusic)

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