terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

Turn On The Music Machine

Original released on LP Original Sound OSR LPM 5015 (mono)
(US, September 1966)

This was music that upset parents in the mid-60's. The Beatles and Stones played on the Ed Sullivan Show, that made them safe and acceptable to listen to. The Music Machine were different. They looked it, dressed head to toe in black, including black leather gloves, as compared to suit coats and ties. The vocals were more baritoned howls and growls, compared to the singing voices of Lennon, McCartney and Jagger. The music was down and dirty hard as nails garage rock. The Music Machine was a true underground band. They made it to TV and had radio time, yet image and music wise, compared to their peers, they were over the edge. That set them apart from the rest and you had to love them for it. And also for this trully classic album, which is presented here in both mono and stereo versions. There are also 4 bonus items featuring the A and B-sides of two singles released in 1967: "Double Yellow Line"/"Absolutely Positively" (April) and "The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly"/"I've Loved You" (July), all Sean Bonniwell compositions.

5 comentários:

Anonymous disse...

Thanks thanks thanks for this one!

Whaddoo parents know anyway?!

Anonymous disse...

this is one of the great garage bands of all time ... Talk-Talk was once my very favorite song ... this is one you should hear.

classic disse...

C'est dommage que cela ne marche plus... :(

classic disse...

Finalement, il semble que chaque jour est complètement nouveau.
Ce matin, cela marche!!!


DeaconBlues1103 disse...

Great stuff, Rato! Keep 'em coming!

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