quinta-feira, 23 de março de 2017

TOMORROW - First and Last Album

Original released on LP Parlophone PCS 7042
(UK, February 1968)

Tomorrow's sole album was a solid effort, with quite a few first-rate tracks. "My White Bicycle" was one of the first songs to prominently feature backward guitar phasing, "Real Life Permanent Dream" has engaging English harmonies and sitar riffs, "Revolution" is an infectious hippie anthem, and "Now Your Time Has Come" features intricate riffing from Steve Howe. "Hallucinations," with its irresistible melody, gentle harmonies, and affectingly trippy lyrics, was perhaps their best track. The more self-conscious English whimsy - populated by jolly little dwarfs, Auntie Mary's dress shop, colonels, and the like - is less successful, although the band's craftsmanship is strong enough to avoid embarassment. (Richie Unterberger in AllMusic)

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