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NAT KING COLE - The Third Spanish Album

Original released on LP Capitol W 1749
(US, April 1962)

Original liner notes:
Over the past few years the millions of Nat King Cole fans in the United States have come to realize that they must share their favorite singer with people in many parts of the world, especially with their friendly Spanish-speaking neighbors to the South. And the overwhelming success of his two previous albums recorded in Latin America furnishes more than ample proof that Nat’s wonderfully warm singing style is every bit as appealing in Spanish as it is in English. Maybe that’s because the smooth, naturally romantic voice of Nat Cole lends itself so perfectly to a love song, and the language of love is indeed a universal one. Here, in answer to countless requests for more “Cole Español”, Nat applies his charm, his voice, and his Spanish to another fine assortment of ballads and folk songs, aided by the arrangements of Ralph Carmichael and some of Mexico’s top musicians and singers. Most of the songs were done with strings and full orchestral accompaniment, while a mellow marimba ensemble provided the backgrounds for “Las Chiapanecas” and “Vaya Con Dios”. And on three numbers, including  the rousing favorite Guadalajara, Nat was assisted by the delightful singing and playing of one of Mexico’s foremost Mariachi bands. The recording was done in Mexico City, and among the enthusiastic spectators and admirers present was Nat’s good friend, the famed Latin singing idol Lucho Gatica. In tribute to their friendship, Nat included his version of “No Me Platiques”, a lovely ballad first made popular by Lucho several years ago.

"More Cole Español" was Nat King Cole's third album of songs sung in Spanish, following "Cole Español" (1958) and "A Mis Amigos" (1959). Recorded in Mexico City with Mexican singers and musicians, but arranged and conducted by Ralph Carmichael, the collection demonstrated that Cole had made significant advances as a singer in Spanish in a few years. "Cole Español" had found him providing tentative, phonetically learned syllables over pre-recorded tracks imported from Cuba, giving him the sound of someone trying to avoid making mistakes. "A Mis Amigos", cut in Rio de Janeiro during the South American tour promoting "Cole Español", was better, but still not a truly complete fit for Cole. He still didn't sound like he always knew what he was singing, and he still seemed to be working on his pronunciation, but on this "More Cole Español" he was clearly having a lot more fun. In part, this had to be because the arrangements were more rhythmic and uptempo, and Cole must have been taking enthusiasm from the Mexican musicians who accompanied him. And he must have been more familiar with material that included crossover hits like "Vaya con Dios." Whatever the reasons, "More Cole Español" was his most successful effort at making music for fans south of the border. (William Ruhlmann in AllMusic)

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