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MELANIE'S "Photograph"

Original Released on LP Atlantic SD 18190 0698
(US, 1976)

Regarded by many as Melanie's finest album, "Photograph" was critically acclaimed on its debut in 1976 and yet was only ever released in US, Australia and New Zealand. For reasons unknown Atlantic Records later pulled the album from distribution. By any measure, "Photograph" was a rare accomplishment, a successful fusion of traditional standards of studio finesse with Melanie’s unique and uncompromising gifts. It remains unclear, then, why the album didn’t get the shot that it deserved. Nearly 30 years later "Photograph" finally gets re-issued as a double-set CD including previously unreleased tracks, recorded during the album sessions.


- "Love To Live Again" is a re-working of "Love To Lose Again" from LP "Madrugada".
- "Miranda" appeared on album "Ballroom Streets" but the version here is an earlier studio recording.
- "Ruby Tuesday" is, of course, a re-recording.
- "Unfinished Business" is perhaps better know as "Leftover Emotions", a version of which was later included on "Victim Of The Moon/Crazy Love".
- "Poem" was recorded live in Holland in 2005.
The version of "Nickel Song (Music! Music! Music!)" was also included on Melanie's 1983 release "Seventh Wave".


All sections written by Melanie Safka except "The Letter" written by Wayne Carson Thompson; refrain From "Music! Music! Music!" written by Stephan Weiss and Bernie Baum; "Ruby Tuesday" written my Mick Jagger and Keith Richards; "Miranda" written by Phil Ochs.

"Save Me", "Groundhog Day", "Photograph" and "Friends & Co", arranged by David Campbell. All other string arrangements by Marty Paich.

Ahmet Ertegun: Creative Direction
Initial recording at Davlen Studios (Engineer: Tom Knox)
Final recording and all mixing at the Sound Factory by Peter Schekeryk and Gregory “Da Duke” Ladanyi, engineer (assisted by Dennis Kirk).
"Save Me" was recorded and mixed by Joel Soifer at Fidelity Sound Studios

Melanie, Dave Doran, Dean Parks and Louis Shelton: Guitars
David Paich and Jim Drennan: Keyboards
Jay Wolfe, Jerry Scheff and David Jackson: Bass
Jim Gordon, Jeff Porcaro and John Gueren: Drums
Milt Holland, Victor Feldman and Angelo Mauceri: Percussion
Melanie, Carole Parks, Denny Bell & some Edwin Hawkins Singers and “The Hand Made Band” (Jim Drennan, Jay Wolfe, Angelo Mauceri & Dave Doran): Backing Vocals
Art Pepper: Sax Solo on "I’m So Blue"
Richard Greene: Violin Solos
Robin Williamson: Mandolin solo on "Raindance"
David Campbell: Viola solo on "Raindance"


At her commercial high point, Melanie's quavering, often frenzied wailings made her the darling of some listeners and an object of scorn among others. Her best qualities were detailed in her three hits: "Brand New Key" was a delightful focal point for her childish, fun-loving side; "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" showed her tortured, naked soul; and "Look What They Done to My Song, Ma" captured the essence of her European cabaret influences. "Photograph" is Melanie's first album in two years and it finds her touching all bases with enough confidence and maturity to regain her old following and surprise some of her detractors. It's an uneven record, but the bright spots shine. The best song here is "Cyclone," a tense rocker with Melanie's raw, unbridled vocal perfectly matching the angry and confused lyrics ("Found love in the music but lost in the overtones/ Sweat on the brow, blood on the lips, love for the money but gold at the fingertips"). Also impressive are some of the love songs which are incredibly more perceptive than her previous "hold me, touch me" psychodramas. On "Save Me," she successfully confronts her own former, wide-eyed self with the changes she's gone through. There's some wasted space here, notably a rather mediocre remake of the Box Tops' "The Letter" and a dull update of her own "Nickel Song." But on the whole, Melanie seems to have made the transition from flower child to woman rather nicely, and with her talents intact.

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Anonymous disse...

Nice review, I love this album. One of Melanies best.

Please help get Melanie into the Rock and roll hall of fame by visiting LetHerIn.org

Jim Baldwin
Spokane WA

Anonymous disse...

I absolutely agree with Mr. Baldwin.
Melanie has made a tremendous impact on the world of music.
Read the various comments from dozens and dozens of Nations on the online petition, and add your signature of support too!

Melanie deserves a 'Brand New Key' to Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

in Ohio

Ram On The Run disse...

Beautiful release !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful Melanie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

di(aphanous disse...

It's always so rewarding visiting your blog... Thank you for all intensive and loving work that you put to it!


xulio disse...

Adoro esta voz.

Anonymous disse...

Excelente a música da Melanie. Infelizmente naõ encontro os links. rmndsantos79@gmail.com

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