domingo, 11 de setembro de 2016


Original released on LP cbs ALD 6368 (mono)

 Sara Montiel was born in Campo de Criptana, a province of Ciudad Real, in Spain. She first came to the attention of motion picture producers at the age of eleven while leading a religious procession. A year later her small part in the film "Te quiero para mi" (I want you for myself) displayed a fine talent and was acclaimed by experienced film people. In her next film, Maria Antonia Abad (her real name) took the name Sara Montiel. Her popularity kept her busy making films in Spain, then in Mexico, and finally Hollywood where she made "Vera Cruz" with Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster, "Run of the Arrow" and "Serenade" with Mario Lanza and Joan Fontaine. Now, her time is divided between Hollywood and Madrid. Sara Montiel is married to Anthony Mann, the brilliant young director. Her recent film, made in Spain, co-starring Raf Vallone, is "La Violetera" which won her many international awards. (Original liner notes)

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