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LES PAUL & MARY FORD - 1962/1963

Original released on LP Columbia CS 8488
(US, 1962)

Les Paul and Mary Ford try to take their driftin'-and-dreamin' ballad style of the Silent '50s into the Swinging '60s, where all of the gleaming stereo sound cannot hide the stark fact that the formula had already been stretched very thin. The menu is mostly time-worn standards and other artifacts from then-dying Tin Pan Alley. The tempos are languorous, and Ford's vocals have little of the soul of her best, more fragile Capitol recordings; Paul is always worth hearing for his imaginative curling around the vocals, urbane harmonic sense, and quirky bent notes, and there is a nice nostalgic moment when they do a spangled remake of "It's a Long, Long Time" (his No. 1 hit with Bing Crosby) for the Space Age. Collectors' note: the whole album was also issued on 33 1/3 RPM 7-inch singles as part of an attempt to launch that instantly doomed format. Taken all by itself, this is a lovely record but there is a lot of better Les Paul and Mary Ford vinyl to be heard, even from their waning days at Columbia. (Richard Ginell in AllMusic)

Original released on LP Columbia CS 8728
(US, 1963)

Les Paul and Mary Ford's second trip to Nashville is far more invigorating than their first, a grittier immersion into the country music universe with a slight touch of rock & roll besides. Paul's involvement is far more evident here; his spectacular guitar and fuzz-tone effects are a match for the buzzing harmonicas and swaggering basslines, and there is more evidence of his trademark sound-on-sound layerings. Ford too sounds more deeply involved with the material and the tougher backings; she even offers a bit of a down-home growl. The high point of this album - and Paul's Columbia period in general - is his own jangly, madly swinging Saturday night whoop-de-do, "Les' Country Blues" (later adapted into a song "So Long Baby, Goodbye" that didn't emerge until 1991 on Capitol's The Legend and the Legacy box). Indeed, five of the 12 tunes here are by Paul, all of them interesting, a burst of creativity unprecedented for him on an album and not even approached since. Alas, this highly spirited outing would be Paul and Ford's last album together, as they began divorce proceedings later in 1963... (Richard Ginell in AllMusic)

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