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Original released as Fantasy LP 8402
(US, July 1970)

"It may actually be our best record"(John Fogerty, 1997)

Creedence Clearwater Revival released six essential albums in just two and a half years, all bashed out quick, nothing fancy, just pure and catchy, pop-styled rock 'n' roll. This was their fifth, and it topped the U.S. album charts for nine consecutive weeks. It is quintessential Creedence. A glorious distillation of their distinctive, Southern-styled mix of choogling swamp boogie and prime, blistering pop. Eschewing the druggy psychedelic excesses of many of their San Francisco peers, the album includes both sides of their three recent hit singles, to which they added covers of songs made famous by Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and Bo Diddley - plus a stubbornly groovesome, extended jam of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine". Elsewhere, "Travelin' Band" tips its hat to Little Richard, while Vietnam was the darker source of inspiration for "Who'll Stop The Rain" and "Run Through The Jungle".

John Fogerty, the man with the grittiest, growliest voice in rock 'n' roll, once again dominates: he writes, he produces, and he sings, as well as playing guitar, saxophone, and keyboards. But within the rest of the band, simmering resentments were beginning to boil. This was to be their last major success. The cover shot was taken in their warehouse/office/rehearsal room (at 1230 Fifth Street, Berkeley), a place they had dubbed "Cosmo's Factory". John's brother Tom (who later quit, foreshadowing the end for the band) lies back, resting his feet on a sign that reads, "Lean, clean, and bluesy". A simple recipe for such enduring greatness. (Ross Fortune in «1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die»)

2 comentários:

RAA disse...

Não se pode mesmo morrer sem ouvir.

neto disse...

Caríssimo "Rato",

Você consegue manter os melhores, sempre em evidência.
Mesmo porque são realmente atuais;
Como se não tivesse passado apenas 46 anos e 1 mês do lançamento.
É... acho que estou com a idade atual também,
Pois pude participar deste tempo todo com tudo isso.

Grato "Rato" (memória de "elefante").

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