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Original Released on LP Columbia CS 9781
(US, August 1969)

Organist-pianist-vocalist Gregg Rolie, timbalero-conguero Jose “Chepito” Areas, conguero Michael Carabello, bassist David Brown, drummer Michael Shrieve, and guitarist Carlos Santana took their love for blues, funk, rock, jazz, and Afro-Cuban music and from this amalgam forged a new music, a nerw sound, which notwithstanding all the descriptive attempts down through the years is still best described as SANTANAWithout question, it was the sound, and the approach to melody of Carlos Santana that totally set this band apart from any other. Audiences almost immediately connected with that “certain thing” which Carlos Santana embodies, understanding that even in a musical universe populated by a plethora of supremely talented guitarists, there was only one Carlos Santana.

This first self-titled outstanding album, with a sensational cover art by Lee Conklin, was recorded in May 1969 at Pacific Recording, San Mateo, California, but was only released in late August, after Santana’s appearance at Woodstock, the festival which changed them – and us – forever. It was their rendition of “Soul Sacrifice” so dramatically captured in the movie and so indelibly etched in the consciousness of the 400,000 + in attendance which announced «Move over, world: Santana is in the house!».This special set, assembled from the double Legacy edition, contains 6 bonus tracks: an alternative and longer take # 4 of “Soul Sacrifice” (in my opinion superior to the one used in the original album), which was recorded during the May sessions; and five tracks recorded in January 1969, prior to Michael Shrieve and Jose “Chepito” Areas joining the band.

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Anonymous disse...

I also have the double Legacy edition, from 2004. In my opinion, it’s a too long collection with several repetitions of the same tracks, which gives the whole set a certain boredom. And the quality of the Live material (from Woodstock) is inferior to the other tracks. I think it’s only useful for collectors. But this special set has brightly assembled the very best: the original album, of course, plus those 6 bonus tracks (in reality, the ones that matters). The result? You have managed to create a completely “new” album, which is very delightful to hear in a loop mode. Thanks for helping me to “hear better”. I will record a CD exactly with the track listing you have provided (about 72 minutes), and from now on I’ll listen to that CD rather than the whole stuff, because it is much much more pleasant that way.

Anonymous disse...

Fantástico disco, lo tengo en vinilo, me ahorro grabarlo, gracias

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