domingo, 26 de junho de 2016


Original released on LP CBS ALD 5367

"Sounds Electronic" are sounds atomic...... That's the explosive force that leaps out of the grooves of this exceptional disc as modern as the space age. Assembled here are some of South Africa's finest musicians, under the brilliant direction of Dan Hill, who has specially arranged this wonderful selection of dance party tunes for modern electronic instruments. Even the non electric instruments, such as percussion, sax, flute, and piano were re-channelled through various electronic devices, such as echo chambers, reverberation and tape delaying machines, to give them a distinctive unusual sound. The man responsible for the top flight engineering effects is Geoff Tucker, a young South African, who has kept his knowledge in line with the latest advances that apply to the modern recording techniques. His knowledge of electronic effects combined with the musical knowhow of Dan Hill, has resulted in a collection of all the big hits of 1965, presented in an excitingly different ear catching style. This is the sound of tomorrow. A sound that will make a party move electronically. A sound of the modern day combo...... "Sounds Electronic". (original liner notes)

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