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Original Released on LP RPM 1001S

This "Sounds Electronic nº 5" was the first of the three volumes released along 1968 and also the first in a new label, RPM Records. And the lady on the cover was much more fast than all those who quickly opened the gatefold to see the other side - during those brief seconds she put on her bikini!. But the music of this album didn't loose its appeal - five decades later is still very enjoyable to listen to, as it was told on the liner notes: «Some say "It's a pity something so creative has to be a business". Dan Hill says "Thank goodness! That's what separates the men from the boys". Record marketing is like any other. There must be a differential. The product must stand out. Albums without this aren't around too long. So what's the Hill differential? Craftmanship. Excellence. Businessmen like to remember The customer is no fool. The customers gave Dan three Golden Disc awards on sales of three albums in 1967 alone. Yes, the "Sounds Electronic" Series. Is there a record collection without them?

And now the Big Daddy of them all: "Sounds Electronic 5". When Johannesburg's plush new RPM studios opened, sound-man Geoff Tucker lovingly patted one of the most elaborate and expensive mixing desks in the world. He gazed through the glass upon 2,000 precious new accoustically treated square feet of studio. He sighed, now would come the sounds he had dreamed of making. Here was the equipment and the world had no finer. The first session. Musicians pick their way through the forest of microphones. Only the top men. Only the best. They are the new breed... Studio musicians, geared to working in recording conditions. Gone are the musty old studios and matey old blows. The busk is buried. It's arrangements now. Exact, like blueprints. Dan has heard every note they will play. He heard it when it took shape in his mind. He uses two guitars and bass guitar - Harpsichord - Electronic Tuba - Electric Piano - Two Electric Organs - Piano - Trumpets - Sax - Flutes - Clarinets - Flugelhorn and a whole battery of drums. 

The work now is to get a perfect reproduction of what's in Dan's head. They are ready. Where's Dan's rostrum? How will he conduct? There isn't. He doesn't. Someone shouts One two... One two three. And they begin. Dan walks back and forth. He's at the bass-guitar, then a shouted suggestion at the piano, then over to the trumpets. He signals something to Geoff. They have worked together so long they speak without words. They hear things no one else hears. The boys get excited. There's a thrilling drive to the music and they are feeling it. Eyebrows shoot up as they discover nuances and key changes that lift the melody and make it fly higher. Now it's "Cabaret" - now it's "You've Not Changed" - now it's the "For A Few Dollars More" theme. Now each knows why he chose this living. Beautiful and strong like burnished brass, the sound is coming. Now hard and driving, now so pretty. Listen and love it. It's SOUNDS ELECTRONIC
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