domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2017

THE SHADOWS: "Rhythm & Greens" (EP)

Original released on EP Columbia SEG 8362 (mono)
(UK, November 1964)

The Shadows play these tracks on a short film (32 minutes) directed by Christopher Miles, released September 1964: a pop group of musicians are getting to know four attractive girls on a sunny beach to the sound of their transistor, when the programme changes to a history of the English beaches. The Shadows and the girls enact the drama of mankind down to the present day and into the future, when over- crowding pushes them back into the primeval sea. The EP climbed to nº 8 (two weeks) in the UK charts (a total of 14 weeks)

2 comentários:

nowhereman disse...

Este EP é um item raro, habitualmente muito bem cotado no mercado coleccionista.

Trevor disse...

Thanks for the Shads EP,great music,any more?

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